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Jungle Gym (Ages 16 Months-7 Years)


Winter Jungle Gym

For boys and girls ages 16 months - 7 years old


Jungle Gym News


Gymnastics is not just a competitive sport.  It is also a stepping stone for all other activities.  It provides strength, balance and coordination, that is so valuable to everyday life.  Gymnastics also creates a sense of self confidence and pride in physical activities.  Many of our students are very successful divers, swimmers, track stars and soccer players.  Those that find the love of gymnastics can find a home here and make their dreams come true.  We are so thankful that you have chosen GTCO for your child's activities!



Peek-A-Boo Pandas (16-23 Months)

A 30 minute class assisted by a parent! Our Teachers guide parents who in turn guide their children through various activities and obstacle courses. The focus in this class is Movement Exploration and parent/child bonding. Children will peak through tunnels, gain vocabulary and social skills, and be introduced to the equipment.

Jumpin' Kangaroos (2 Year Olds)

A 45 minute class assisted by a parent! Our focus is hoppin' FUN while improving listening skills, hand-eye coordination, following vocal instruction, and increasing the child's self-confidence as a mover/learner! Quality time for parent/child bonding making it a special time for everyone!

Tumbling Tigers (3 Year Olds)

 The Tumbling Tigers are on their own in this BIG KID 45 minute class!! Kids will learn how their bodies move right side up and upside down with emphasis placed on developing listening and problem solving skills in a social atmosphere through Movement Education. Obstacle course and continuous movement will keep the Tigers roaring for more!

Tumble Bears (4-5 Year Olds)

 The Tumble Bears are taking their first important step in gymnastics and physical development in this 45 minute class while exploring circuits and basic gymnastics skills. Their children will be exposed to more complex gymnastics such as beams, bars, vault, and basic tumbling, all while having FUN!

Muscle Monkey (Boy's Level 1)

 The Boys (Ages 4-5) will be swinging like monkey's and showing off their muscles in this 45 minute BOYS ONLY class. They will work with our male coaches together in a structures and educational environment on boys events and equipment to make your son stronger, disciplined, and more self-confident!

Mat Kats (Boy's Level 2)

 This class is designed for students (ages 5-7) with basic skills on each of the Men's 6 Olympic Events )Floor, Pommel Horse/ Mushroom, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar). These kids will LOVE working with our male coaches on coordination, strength and self-discipline as they take their first step away from Movement Education.

Gym Kats (Girl's Level 1)

 Gym Kats is designed for NEW students (Ages 5-6) and students moving from our Jungle Gym Preschool Program to learn basic skills on each event (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor). While this class may still do a "station" during class, they will move away from Movement Education and more towards traditional Artistic Gymnastics. Strength, coordination and flexibility exercises will all be incorporated during each class based on USAG (USA Gymnastics) Guidelines.

Top Kats (Girl's Level 2)

 Top Kats is designed for students (Ages 6-7) who have a basic skill level based on the USAG (USA Gymnastics) Guidelines. This class builds upon the basic skills learned in Gym Kats, as well as skill sequences, introducing the back handspring, and much more! Students in our Top Kats move into our Educational, Co-Ed Tumbling or Competitive Team Programs.




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