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Co-Ed Tumbling


A class for all ages!

GTCO offers a very competitive program for those who are interested in learning a wide range of tumbling skills for many different reasons. Our level system, described below, puts our students in an environment to develop their skills quickly and safely without skipping any steps. We also offer skill specific classes. Learning correct technique also prevents the development of bad habits that can sometimes take longer to fix than the original amount of time it took to learn the skill.

How do you know if tumbling is right for your child? Athletes come here to learn tumbling for many reasons, whether it is for cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, soccer throw-ins, coordination, flexibility or just because they love to flip. We provide a great learning environment with coaches who love to teach tumbling just as much as they love tumbling themselves.


Tumbling levels


Our tumbling level system and the evaluations given during our sessions give a great sense of your child’s progress and the goals we have set for them at that particular level. We have broken down our program into four different levels to increase learning efficiency.

Level 1 / Foundational Tumbling

Fundamental tumbling provides a strong foundation for any and all acrobatic skills. Mastering the strength, body positions, flexibility, core skills and body control in this class will provide a strong base to take your tumbling to any level you aspire.

Level 2 / Introduction to Flips

Introduction to Flips opens up the world of tumbling and where you will learn to propel your body into that first flip, the back handspring. This class is focused on mastering the body positions, technique, speed and power of your first flip. You will learn to use this skill in many variations and sequences.

Level 3 / Advanced Flips

Advanced Flips is the next exciting step in your tumbling career. Learning how to control the air and free flip (flips without hands) is an exhilarating feeling and will provide a whole new excitement to your tumbling experience.

Level 4 / Elite Twisting

Elite Twisting opens up doors to all new skills and tumbling sequences. Now that you have mastered the flip you’re ready to add multiple tricks to your flips such as, ½ twists to double full’s, and many other unique types of flips, like Arabians , Kick Layout’s , Punch Front Step Outs, and even standing full’s. This is the final class in your tumbling journey that will take you as far as you are willing to push yourself.


Skill Specific Classes


Back Handspring Only

Our Back Handspring only class focuses only on the body positions that make up this particular skill. Our students perform drills that are unique to the skill to develop good habits through the learning of the Standing Back Handspring. This is such an important skill and it is extremely important that it is learned properly.


Specialized Classes


We also develop tumbling classes for specific sports such as: Dance, Soccer and many other sports. These classes develop tumbling skills specifically for the athlete’s sport. If you are looking to incorporate tumbling into your specific sport, please let us help!


Class Times and Prices


Due to the effectiveness of our program, our classes continuously fill up. For information on class times, pricing, and new/upcoming classes, please call us at (937) 746 -2213 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Safety and security are always stressed to the students. Just as important as proper physical technique is instilling a sense of confidence in the individual. Confidence in ones self is perhaps the greatest pay-off in our tumbling program. Constant challenges allow for more accomplishments, with each new success adding to a more secure, confident individual.


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