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GymFit Gymnastics (Ages 7+)


GymFit - Experience the FUN and FITNESS of gymnastics while learning the speed, strength, and agility of crossfit style training.
Gymnastics is an activity that provides a solid foundation for fitness which gives our students an advantage in all sports and activities. Gymnastics develops coordination, strength, agility, balance and confidence -- all of which are important, not only in sport, but also in everyday life. Even though gymnastics is our focus, most of our students are leaders in other sports and activities such as soccer, dance, baseball and cheerleading just to name a few. Our GymFit Program provides a challenging, achievement-oriented, and fun way to train the very skills that give children the confidence to become leaders in life.
The GymFit Program incorporates gymnastics FUN and FITNESS with Crossfit style speed, strength, and agility training. Designed for both the competitive and recreational student (ages 7 & up) who want to continue to improve their fitness is an EXCITING and challenging atmosphere!
The boys and girls programs are two distinct, separate groups focusing on their respective events. We have designed the gymnastics portion of each class on the USAG Compulsory levels of gymnastics for both Men and Women. In addition to gymnastics, students will also be working trampoline/tumbling, speed/agility training, and strength during each class.
In all the GTCO programs we look for those who may be interested in our competitive teams and provide the coaching and avenues necessary to advance to the competitive level. We also provide a Advanced GymFit Class for those want to continue to learn and grow in their gymnastics and fitness training at a more intense level.
Students in GymFit Girls Classes are also invited to join our X-Cel Team. Please visit our Girls Team Page for more info!


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